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Privacy Policy

ef zin is run by Dimitra Theodoraki; a Registered Dietitian with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), a member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA), a Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).


What Information May Be Collected?

  • If you avail of ef zin services, relevant information needed to complete these services may be collected. For example: contact details to facilitate communication, details needed for invoicing, and information needed for completing an individual nutritional assessment or personal training session; such as information on your anthropometrics, biochemistry, clinical background, diet, preferences and lifestyle.


Is my Data Secure?

  • ef zin is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, as it is committed to ensuring that all your personal information is protected and secured.

  • In order to prevent disclosure, ef zin has put in place procedures to safeguard and secure your information. For example, a firewall is used on the computer where your data is stored, only encrypted social media are used during consultations with clients, all electronic devices used are password protected and never left unlocked if unattended.

  • All personal, business and consultancy information is handled confidentially by strictly adhering to the BDA and the HCPC record-keeping guidelines.

  • All personal information documented from one to one consultations will be stored for no longer than one year, or they will be removed upon request from the individual concerned.

  • ef zin will not distribute, sell or lease personal information to third parties, unless it has explicit permission or is required by law to do so.


Can I Control my Personal Information?

  • Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you may request the details of your personal information held by ef zin, request to have your information corrected or updated and request to have your information deleted.

  • According to the Records Management Code of Practise for Health and Social Care, it is a legal duty to maintain health records for 6 years from latest contact (for adults), 25 years after the birth of the child (for maternity records), and until the patient’s 25th birthday (for children).


I, Dimitra Theodoraki, am the data controller at ef zin, so please contact me if you have any queries or requests related to your personal data and I will respond promptly. 

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