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"Thank you very much Dimitra for your dedicated and life-saving work."

Dimitra has guided my recovery from anorexia nervosa for over 2 years. And I couldn't be more grateful for her remarkable professionalism on the one hand, but even more so for her compassionate, calm and clear approach. I benefited greatly from her beautiful personality. In this uncertain phase, Dimitra had my complete trust and the numerous methods of working on a deep level also taught me to think more freely and courageously in all other areas of life. The help went far beyond quality nutritional support. Everything that came up had a place in our sessions. She was definitely the much-needed support in this process of restoring my health and personality. I was particularly impressed by her clear view of what further support was important and that she referred me to other experts so that I received the best possible support on all levels. Thank you very much Dimitra for your dedicated and life-saving work.

Luisa, Recovery from Anorexia Nervosa

Δανάη, Θεραπεία Διατροφικής Διαταραχής

"Dimitra is an amazing human and great at what she does"

Dimitra is an amazing human and great at what she does. She consistently puts the kindest energy during sessions and is always very prepared. Her mindset to deal with <issues> is always on a positive note and will always provide a different perspective to something you may find extremely negative. She helped me overcome many insecurities, fears, and embarrassments about my body and actions on my body, my eating habits, and my thoughts. I am in a completely different place than I was a year ago when I first started my journey with her. I have so much love for this woman.

Kat, Body Image work 

Δανάη, Θεραπεία Διατροφικής Διαταραχής

"She is extremely professional and knowledgeable"

Dimitra worked with my daughter for over two years as she came to terms with an eating disorder. I would absolutely recommend her to any facing the same frightening situation. My daughter can be shy and was desperately defensive through her illness. It speaks incredibly well of Dimitra that our daughter felt able to talk freely to her when other professionals found her utterly uncooperative. Recovery from an Eating disorder is a slow and often demoralising process, and Dimitra managed to get messages our daughter was unreceptive to across without her shutting down. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable but it’s the ability to communicate with a stressed and often unhappy teenager that made all the difference. Absolutely recommended.

Paul, Father

Δανάη, Θεραπεία Διατροφικής Διαταραχής

"Helped me to heal my relationship with myself and my body"

Dimitra helped me to understand my body and its needs so much better. She approached all our sessions with kindness and understanding and always made me feel listened to and valid. Her focus on reflection helped me to see how far I had already come and helped me push through times when I felt stagnant in my recovery- she helped me to see that all progress is progress! She challenged me to change how I view things and supported me through these challenges and whilst creating a safe space for me to express myself. She challenged me to change how I view food and eating and helped me to heal my relationship with myself and my body. Thank you.

Florence, Disordered Eating

Δανάη, Θεραπεία Διατροφικής Διαταραχής

"I stopped hiding"

Dimitra has helped me understand how to read my body signals, stop being afraid of certain foods, but also start buying them to have them available in my house. I stopped hiding when eating more chocolates than the "normal" amount for some people, so they cannot see me and judge me, but I also stopped being so judgemental to myself when eating foods that I once though as "bad" or "unhealthy". But it's definitely thank to the work I also did for myself because I truly wanted to change, Dimitra just created the safe space for me to do that 💓

Maria, Disordered Eating

Δανάη, Θεραπεία Διατροφικής Διαταραχής

"I have never been happier and more in touch with my body"

Ever since I met Dimitra it has only been wins after wins after wins. I had my last session with her 4 months ago and I am now realizing the lifelong impact that she has made in my relationship with food, my body, and more. I have never been happier and more in touch with my body. She has helped me improve my body image, concentration, sleeping patterns, and more, supporting me and believing in me every step of the way, always celebrating big and tiny wins. I now know how to trust my body when it asks for food, when it has cravings, and when my weight changes by a little; it knows what to do. After spending all of my teenage years struggling with food and my weight, I can finally enjoy eating and exercising the same way I did when I was a child. Within 2.5 years of working with Dimitra I went from hating exercise and using it as a punishment, to finding my love for running and moving my body when it wants to be moved. I learned that there are no bad foods, only bad mentalities and misconceptions. I am 100% certain that, with the right mindset and motivation on the client’s part, Dimitra can do absolute wonders!!!

Iliana, Disordered Eating

Δανάη, Θεραπεία Διατροφικής Διαταραχής

"I am happier and healthier than I have ever been"

I have been working with Dimitra for over a year and she has guided me with so much patience and care every step of the way. I have never felt judged or shamed whenever we have talked, something I was really nervous about when we first started working together. Our sessions have always been gentle and we’ve moved at a pace that I’ve been comfortable with and Dimitra has always treated me with kindness. We have done meditations, reflections, talked about triggers and challenged disordered thoughts along the way to heal my relationship with food and my body. 

I have learnt so much from Dimitra about nutrition and how to balance my meals to give my body what it wants and needs, and Dimitra is always there to answer any nutrition questions I have. I’ve learnt how to balance snacks and meals and eat intuitively and I have unlearnt any food rules diet culture taught me to. I now know how to trust my body and trust myself to make choices that are best for me without using restriction, binging and disordered eating as a way to control my body. 


Dimitra has also helped me to repair my body image, I truly feel at home in my body for the first time in a long time after a lot of trauma. I am now able to treat my body with love, kindness and respect and care for my body and myself with balanced, intuitive eating and movement. 

I am happier and healthier than I have ever been because I have the tools I need to look after my body and my mental health. 

Delyn, Disordered Eating

Δανάη, Θεραπεία Διατροφικής Διαταραχής

"Έχω πάει σε πολλούς διαιτολόγους στη ζωή μου. Η Δήμητρα είναι το κάτι άλλο"

Είμαι 53 και επιτέλους ... ελεύθερη! Ελεύθερη από μια ζωή μέσα στις δίαιτες και σε έναν αγώνα με διατροφικές διαταραχές. Είχα την τύχη να γνωρίσω την Δήμητρα από την γλυκιά μου κόρη. Έχω πάει σε πολλούς διαιτολόγους στη ζωή μου. Η Δήμητρα είναι το κάτι άλλο. Έχει έναν μοναδικό συνδυασμό επαγγελματισμού, έντονης ενσυναίσθησης, σχολαστικότητας, χιούμορ και καλοσύνης.

Δανάη, Διαταραγμένη Σχέση με το Φαγητό

Δανάη, Θεραπεία Διατροφικής Διαταραχής

"Κάτι που έχω κρατήσει από τις συνεδρίες είναι να ακούω το σώμα μου"

Τολμώ να πω με μεγάλη σιγουριά ότι η Δήμητρα είναι μια εξαιρετικά ιδιαίτερη διατροφολόγος και άνθρωπος. Και αυτό, γιατί ενδιαφέρεται ουσιαστικά για την αποτελεσματικότητα των συνεδριών και τις προσαρμόζει στις ανάγκες του κάθε πελάτη. Δεν έχω λόγια, την συστήνω ανεπιφύλακτα γιατί ξέρει να ακούει και να σέβεται τον άνθρωπο που έχει απέναντι της. Και αυτά είναι λίγα μόνο από τα πράγματα που την κάνουν ξεχωριστή. Είμαι σίγουρη ότι θα φτάσει πολύ ψηλά. Και κάτι που έχω κρατήσει από τις συνεδρίες είναι να ακούω το σώμα μου, πράγμα που μου φάνηκε πολύ χρήσιμο και ήθελα να το μοιραστώ. Just try a session ! Nothing more nothing less. You will definetely figure out what I am talking about...

Αλίκη, Διαταραγμένη Σχέση με το Φαγητό

Αλίκη, Θεραπεία Διαταραγμένης Σχέσης με το Φαγητό

"Εξαιρετικά επαγγελματική και ταυτόχρονα φιλική προσέγγιση"

Ολιστικά ο τρόπος προσέγγισης του EFZIN, σχετικά με την σχέση μου με το φαγητό και το σώμα μου ήταν κάτι εντελώς καινούριο αλλά και εντελώς βοηθητικό! Όλη η προσέγγιση, η καθοδήγηση και οι συμβουλές που μου έδωσε βασίζονται σε έρευνα και επιστημονικά τεκμηριωμένη πρακτική, γεγονός το οποίο με έκανε ακόμη περισσότερο να νιώθω εμπιστοσύνη και ασφάλεια καθόλη την διαδικασία. Η προσέγγιση της ίδιας της Δημητρας είναι εξαιρετικά επαγγελματική και ταυτόχρονα φιλική. Ένιωσα αμέσως άνετα να εμβαθύνω και να συζητήσω για τις σκέψεις και τις ανησυχίες μου. Δήμητρα ειλικρινά ευχαριστώ πολύ για όλα!!!

Ευνίκη, Binge Eating

Ευνίκη, Θεραπεία Διαταραγμένης Σχέσης με το Φαγητό

'I 100% recommend working with Dimitra'

"Hello! My name is Claudia, I was 22 years old and in my final year of university when I started working with Dimitra. She accompanied me through my intuitive eating journey for about 6 month and about 20 sessions.

I 100% recommend working with Dimitra: she has a very well-rounded and holistic approach. I particularly liked the combination of help with tangible eating behaviours, my nutrition and my immediate relationship with food on the one hand, but also on the other, more abstract discussions about my belief systems, my values, diversifying my emotional coping skills, what the ‘thin ideal’ meant to me, comparison with others etc. Dimitra is also very engaged in our sessions, for instance we did a mindful eating exercise where she was also eating with me. She always adapted to content of our session to my needs and emotions of the day whilst still overall ensuring we covered everything that I needed through the sessions. In addition to deconstructing old diet culture beliefs and building a healthier relationship with food and my body, I learnt tools that I still us today when I feel the need such as journaling and the wheel of emotions. I also liked the practical tasks and goals to do such as journaling, buying new comfortable clothes, guided meditations etc.

In terms of results, I am much more comfortable in my body, I don’t binge eat anymore, I have learnt to feel my emotions and cope with them in healthy ways, food doesn’t take as much brain space as it used to, and I don’t feel guilty around food anymore.

I can’t recommend working with Dimitra enough!"

Claudia, Disordered Eating

Claudia, Disordered Eating

'I am very grateful to Dimitra for her work'

I am very grateful to Dimitra for her work. She is very knowledgeable and professional in her approach and provides you with a lot of research-based information, which I feel is important. She is kind, compassionate and supportive — every session with her left me inspired, motivated and ready to put to practice all the new skills.

Nina, Binge Eating

Nina, Chronic Dieting and Intuitive Eating

'Μπορείτε να καταφέρετε τα ακατόρθωτα!'

Δεν είναι αρκετά τα λόγια για να περιγράψω την ευγνωμοσύνη μου για όσα με δίδαξε η Δήμητρα και όλα όσα κατάφερα με την βοήθεια της. Όλες οι συνεδρίες μας πάντα με άφηναν να αισθάνομαι πιο σίγουρη στον εαυτό μου και στις ικανότητές μου. Χάρη στη Δήμητρα έχω μάθει να ακούω το σώμα μου και τις ανάγκες του και να απολαμβάνω ξανά τη ζωή μου! Την ευχαριστώ πολύ για τον ασφαλή χώρο που μου προσέφερε, ώστε να αισθάνομαι πάντοτε άνετα να εκφραστώ. Σας προτρέπω, δίχως καμία αμφιβολία, να αφεθείτε στα χέρια της, καθώς με την βοήθειά της, μπορείτε να καταφέρετε τα ακατόρθωτα!

Ελένη, Διαταραγμένη Σχέση με το Φαγητό

Ελένη, Θεραπεία Διατροφικής Διαταραχής 

'Dimitra has quite literally been a life saver'

Over the past 8 months Dimitra has quite literally been a life saver. She has guided me through my eating disorder recovery in the most helpful and kindest way, supporting me at every step in a method tailored to my needs. She has educated me about all things food and wellness, ensuring I have the knowledge and information to begin to give myself food freedom. We have spoken and challenged everything from societal body image standards to why I have fear foods. I finally feel like I’m unlocking my life again- thank you Dimitra!!

Jess, Anorexia Nervosa

Jess, Eating Disorder Recovery

'Honestly the best thing I have ever done'

Honestly the best thing I have ever done! Dimitra was amazing, she navigated our 12 weeks with unending patience, understanding & kindness. She was gentle, compassionate & supportive and challenged me to view food differently. The course had the perfect level of flexibility in order to deal with my inevitable “blips” but also a strong structure & pathway towards healing.I cannot thank Dimitra enough for transforming my life. For the first time in over 35 years I actually don’t feel afraid of food. I enjoy eating, am no longer obsessed by either food or dieting and am enjoying life so much more. Without wishing to tempt fate I feel confident that for the first time I can actually enjoy Christmas without being triggered into a binge.I cannot recommend Dimitra enough & only wish I had found her sooner!

Sunny, Disordered Eating

Suny, Chronic Dieting and Intuitive Eating

'I can't thank Dimitra enough for the last month.'

I can't thank Dimitra enough for the last month. I made the commitment to recover rom nearly17 years of an ED with a major relapse into AN 3 years ago. I became so sick over the last 6 months and decided ut was now or never. Dimitra has been amazing guiding me through refeeding, working with my GP and husband to ensure I got to a safe space to start 'all-in' using a RAVES framework. I haven't been easy on her. I've tried to recover so many times using so many different approaches. My fear of refeeding syndrome and my biggest fer of leaving my AN body and identity behind have been plaguing me. But Dimitra has been supportive, responsive and flexible every step of the way. Today I officially got out of the 'at risk' period for refeeding syndrome and tomorrow I start the journey to full recovery and freedom to live a complete life without restriction. The last 2 weeks have been so difficult, but it wouldn't have been possible without a strong team including Dimitra there to support me.

Jodie, Anorexia Nervosa

Jodie, Eating Disorder Recovery

'Dimitra has changed my life'

Dimitra has changed my life. For the past 7 years I have been obsessed with my body, I was constantly on a diet and I was never truly happy. With Dimitra and her 'Shine Like the Sun' Holistic Plan I realised that it doesn't really matter how I look, it's what's inside that matters. She helped me learn to listen to my body and let it tell me how much and what I need to eat. I never imagined I could have a balanced relationship with food like I do now. Moreover, she is an amazing PT, as she always adapts the routines according to my mood and strength, so exercising is more of a fun activity rather than a "I have to exercise" mood. I am grateful, as I wouldn't be were I am today without her.

Eleana, Disordered Eating

Eleana, Chronic Dieting and Intuitive Eating

'I'm so glad I reached out to ef zin'

I'm so glad I reached out to ef zin to better understand what healthy eating means in practice! After a few weeks of consciously applying all I've learnt during our sessions, I'm now eating healthy intuitively, feeling happy and full after every meal. Dimitra helped me understand better the relationship between food, body and mood and this has definitely empowered me. Thank you Dimitra :)

Leda, Healthy Eating

Leda, Eating Well

'Taught me how to be at peace with the things I eat'

I learned a lot thanks to Dimitra's healthy eating plan, she taught me how to eat better, have a healthier relationship with food and with my body and, overall, how to feel at peace with the things I eat. She was very nice and understanding throughout the whole process and I could not recommend her enough!! Thank you so much Dimitra! :):)

Ana, Disordered Eating

Ana, Chronic Dieting and Intuitive Eating

'I am training happy!'

I’ve been attending the Train Happy sessions which are exactly as advertised - I am training happy! I love how there is so much variation and no exercise is repeated. In the end you don’t even feel like you are exercising! Dimitra helps me understand my worth and that I am not defined by my physical appearance. Thank you so much and keep it up!

Nefeli, ef zin workout

Nefeli, ef zin workout

'A kind, approachable and erudite Dietitian'

I reached out to ef zin for nutrition knowledge (who knew the food pyramid isn't a pyramid?!) and to build more faith into my nutrition regime. Dimitra is a kind, approachable and erudite dietitian who understood my habits and consulted me accordingly, but also gave me some great cooking tips and recipe ideas!'

Artemis, Healthy Eating

Artemis, Eating Well

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